About ICTWAY company

The Company ICTWAY s.a.s. derives from merging the engineering wealth of experience with a consultancy experience of an Italian privately-owned company, Purple Consulting s.a.s, founded in early 2000s. Today the power force has achieved solid market experience with work in the areas of Management Consulting and Information & Communication Technology. ICTWAY experience relies on a strong partnership and cooperation with its Business Clientele, offering a range of services, upon each Client requirements: high-tech technology creation, business process management, large systems implementation, program & project management, maintenance of ICT and telecommunication infrastructures.

ICTWAY is able to apply team forces by uniting their capabilities and competencies, in order to supply business tactical solutions for Businesses growth and lasting values.
System Integration is one of successful key elements of this group, with the abilities to design and implement solutions in ample market areas.

As a result of given knowledge and skills, ICTWAY is offering ideas and innovative and aggressive solutions to privately held Businesses, Telecom Operators and Public Administrations.

ICTWAY focus is oriented to three major business lines:


Business line Engineering is mainly oriented towards management-consulting service and involves all tactical skills in technical and management Engineering control.

Enginering business line


Business line Solutions is mainly oriented towards the system-related dimensions, design, implementation and selling of turn-key hardware and software solutions.

Solutions business line


Services business line is mainly oriented at providing to Clientele an effective technical support & operational management of their networks and systems.

Services business line

Why Us?

ICTWAY team is capable to offer to its Clientele the following services in the ICT sector:

  • Consultancy;
  • Turn-key and innovative solutions;
  • Implementation, management and selling SW systems, telecommunication networks & appliances;
  • Support and maintenance solutions;

As to add to the above, the expertise of ICTWAY team extends to the listed below, however focused mainly on the engineering industry:

  • Technical translations;
  • Oral interpretation;
  • Technical documentation proof-reading;

ICTWAY offers customers an entire commitment while undertaking a project. The goal is to set up a trustworthy relationship with a Client, getting fully informed about Client's targets, to reach positive results and exceed Client’s expectations.

We thrive for the best in:

ICTWAY talented team of professionals has solid principles of entire dedication to the community, environment and technological progress that bring positive results to the society.
ICTWAY team is Customer-oriented.
Relationships are strong, focused on honesty, transparency, and confidence, durability and mutual respect.
ICTWAY team mission is to become the reference point in the area of specialized management and strategic consultancy, process analysis, structure design technology, implementation, and operational systems and networks.
ICTWAY team is continually changing, following the trends in the development of the global technology.
The code of ICTWAY defines the moral and ethical standards to which the team members must adapt. It means the application of the internal company measures, which could be put in place in the eventuality of a normal breach, in addition to the control techniques, so that to ensure compliance with all the latter, in agreement with the high quality and value of ICTWAY company.


Based on technology experience, which ICTWAY company has, management and consulting division is oriented to encourage Clients on their company growth; investing in new projects; modernizing current company facilities; introducing new and upgraded technology systems; all by means of designing and structuring new plan and aiming to attain corporate objectives.

Key activities of the Project Management division in the scope of Engineering area are:

  • Feasibility analysis of investments into ICT infrastructure and modernisation of ICT systems;
  • Business structure development and ICT infrastructure and services;
  • Layout and execution of infrastructure and architectures application;
  • Design and execution of customized software solutions; platform / product customization;
  • Investment and break even investigation;
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management;
  • ICT Advisory;
  • Definition and setting up of requirements, technical specifications and development of direction structure;
  • Professional consultancy with dedicated centre on network and infrastructure;
  • Software and Project Management in the frame of complex projects;
  • Specialized technical support for specific engineering configuration;
  • System Integration on Big System;
  • Evaluation and software implementation;
  • Coaching.

All of the tasks, accomplished so far by ICTWAY Project Manager, have been strongly supported by the entire Engineering team and encouraged by the businesses, currently successfully operating on the market.


ICTWAY business line Solutions is focused predominantly to the system design, layout, implementation and selling of turn-key hardware and software solutions.

With the aim of demonstrating Company's consultancy spirit, ICTWAY Project Manager keeps abreast of vision of newest technologies in the market and, has the ability to provide solution to any requirement raised by the Client, based on the prior thorough market research, and not tied to particular manufacturer.

As a result of gained throughout years knowledge and skills, ICTWAY team is offering innovative ideas and aggressive solutions to privately held Businesses, Telecom Operators and Public Administrations.

Design and execution of turn-key solutions

within the networks & systems

Design and implementation of turn-key solutions

for SW and system components inside the defence field

Analysis, execution and delivery of complex systems

(ERP, Data Warehouse, Document Management, Enterprise Application Integration)

Evaluation and evolution

of software solutions and web applications

Support the implementation

of security architectures

Marketing tools and ideas

for the hardware and software platforms


ICTWAY Company line Servicesis mostly oriented to technical support and operational coordination the networks and systems of a Client

ICTWAY can guarantee the coordination and optimization of ICT and TLC infrastructures, distributed or centralized, with or without the presence of business continuity / disaster recovery, due to the solid expertise in design and installation of infrastructure, be it basic or complex.

ICTWAY offers Clientele full commitment. The goal is to set up a trusted relationship with a Client, to reach positive results and exceed the Client’s expectations. Hence, the assistance activities allow ICTWAY team to support the Client during the normal operation cycle up to the maturity phase of the solution life span.

ICTWAY, through the company network of professionals and external consultants, provide technical assistance and care remotely (if technically achievable) or at the Client's premises with:

  • Desktop direction, HW / SW care services for Clients field spread Workstations;
  • Remote control of system infrastructure and security (NOC, SOC);
  • Custom Device Management (home, hosting, central management);
  • Service Desk / Support Desk;
  • Field Service, setup and set up on the land;
  • Logistics management.

ICTWAY consistently works for its Clientele: any choice accepted is designed to boost Client's business performances.

As a result of the acquired knowledge and skills, ICTWAY team is offering ideas and innovative and aggressive solutions to privately held Businesses, Telecom Operators and Public Administrations.

ICT Infrastructure

ICT Design and Planning, Deployment & Operations Management and Technical Support

IT and Cyber Security

The security of information, identities, applications and infrastructures

Application Management

The Design, Construction, Integration and Maintenance of Information Systems

Web & Internet Application Development

Development of accessible Applications from home and on the move

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, Information Integration, Intelligence Storage and Analytical Intelligence

Compliance with Procedures and Inspections

Support for the Compliance Management in observing Company Procedures

Recent Projects

ICTWAY team specialists, engineers and consultants are constantly on the move for another mission, and so far have successfully completed an impressive variety of projects, targeting IT infrastructure modernisation, new infrastructure development, existing IT system upgrade, etc.

Portfolio Image

Core swith upgrade

New antenna, new server, WIFI, DECT, & CISCO call manager

10-day mission on board Saipem vessel Scarabeo 9 has been concluded with the installation of a new core switch, network cabinet refitting and wi-fi survey. The set of tedious, peculiar and seemingly insignificant activities have been accomplished thanks to the great onsite work, done by Antonio Scanu and Carlo Ronchetti, and Giulio Calabria for his extensive remote support.

  • Wifi survey,
  • Network cabinet,
  • Core switch

IT team:Antonio Scanu, Carlo Ronchetti, Giulio Calabria (remote support)

Client: Saipem Spa

Vessel: Scarabeo 9

Place: Cartagena, Spain

Date: May 2021

Portfolio Image

Entire IT insfrastructure update

New antenna, new server, WIFI, DECT, & CISCO call manager

Saipem vessel S10K has undergone a complete ICT modernization. The mission included the entire infrastructure upgrade, which means a massive scope of activities going onboard before the vessel has moved on to the next project.

The work schedule was composed of new antenna installation, upgraded WiFi and DECT to cover the entire vessel for the Digital Innovation standard, PABX migration to modern CISCO Call Manager system.

  • Antenna,
  • WiFi,
  • PABX,
  • CISCO Call Manager,
  • DECT

IT coordinator: Antonio Scanu

IT team: Andrea Telari, Carlo Ronchetti, Paolo Ronchetti

Client: Saipem Spa

Vessel: Saipem 10000

Place: Palermo, Italy

Date: February-March 2021

Portfolio Image

New infrastructure installation

Clean & new server, WIFI, DECT, & CISCO call manager

After being suspended for nearly a year as a result of the global pandemic COVID-19, Saipem new construction ship Endevour, which has recently passed over from the previous owner, has been subject to a complete upgrade of its IT infrastructure.

Over a period of several weeks, a team of devoted IT specialists have successfully transferred the vessel existing IT infrastructure to the new and modern one, setting up all the facilities: a new server, WIFI, DECT, and CISCO call manager.

  • WiFi,
  • DECT,
  • CISCO call manager

IT coordinator: Antonio Scanu

IT team: Andrea Telari, Carlo Ronchetti

Client: Saipem Spa

Vessel: Endevour

Place: Sharjah, UAE

Date: January-February 2021

Portfolio Image

Server & core SW

Clean & Rearrangement & update

The mission onboard Saipem 7K involved an assessment and further installation of a new server and core SW. At the same time vessel benefited from a new layout of rearranged cabinets, for the better and optimal use.

  • core SW,
  • server,
  • IT cabinets

IT team: Antonio Scanu, Carlo Ronchetti

Client: Saipem Spa

Vessel: Saipem 7000

Place: Schiedam, Holland

Date: February 2020

Portfolio Image

Complete IT Infrastructure Rennovation

Vsat - server - core SW - LAN - WIFI - PABX to CISCO Call Manager - DECT

ICTWAY team and external engineers have undertaken the IT upgrade onboard ultra-deepwater drillship Saipem 12000, that was pulled, at that time, in port Elisabeth.

Massive scope of work involved engineering capacities and skills to upgrade S12K Vsat, server, core SW, LAN network, WiFi, installation of a new antenna and upgrading PABX to CISCO Call Manager & DECT equipment.

It took several months for the team of engineers to successfully complete every phase of the massive scope of this mission, after which Saipem 12000 has successfully sailed off for a project in Mozambique.

  • Vsat,
  • Server,
  • core SW,
  • LAN,
  • WiFi,
  • PABX,
  • CISCO,
  • Antenna

IT coordinator: Antonio Scanu

IT team: Carlo Ronchetti, Paolo Ronchetti, Stefano Galmozzi

Client: Saipem Spa

Vessel: Saipem 12000

Place: Port Elisabeth, South Africa

Date: June-August 2019

Portfolio Image

PABX & DECT upgrade

Phase I and II - PABX upgrade to Alcatel

Saipem launched Phase I and II FS2 vessel upgrade. It involved a migration of the analogue system PABX Alcatel to the modern Cisco Call Manager system.

The complete program was split into two phases: Phase I involved technical survey / preliminary assessment. The activity was carried out in the period of a week in the end of 2018.

Phase II was done by ICTWAY Engineers, and the activities included management and complete actual installation of CISCO equipment with subsequent testing and trial. The activities were completed in January 2019.

  • CISCO,
  • PABX,
  • DECT

IT engineer: Antonio Scanu

Client: Saipem Spa

Vessel: Saipem FDS2

Place: Motril, Spain

Date: Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

Portfolio Image

Server installation & LAN refitting

New infrastructure installation

In November 2019 ICTWAY IT engineer, Antonio Scanu, has made a visit onboard the sixth-generation semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 8, another vessel from the Saipem fleet, which was at that time located in Olesvågen, Norway.

Since the network, server and PABX system onboard the vessel were previously managed by an external provider, the scope of the current mission targeted the configuration of the entire system in order to bring it under Saipem ownership.

  • Server,
  • LAN,
  • PABX

It team: Antonio Scanu, Giulio Calabria

Client: Saipem Spa

Vessel: Saipem Scarabeo 8

Place: Olesvag, Norway

Date: November 2019

Portfolio Image

Antonio Scanu

The Owner of ICTWAY sas. & Consultant at Saipem Spa.

Antonio Scanu, an IT engineer with over 20 years of experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of corporate computer and network systems, predominantly in the offshore environment.

Throughout the years of providing consultancy services to Saipem Spa., the work has always involved testing, configuring, and troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking systems to meet the needs of the Company IT department, vessels, projects.

Antonio Scanu is a strong leader, communicator and problem-solver, qualities that he managed to demonstrate successfully completing each and individual mission or target.

  • Information & Comunication Technology,
  • Strategy,
  • Implementation

Some of our Clients and Partners:

Saipem Spa
ENI company

Operations Team of specialists

ICTWAY team operate from north Italy. The Head of operations / Owner of ICTWAY is based in Milan, not far from Saipem Spa offices.

Services Accounting and Finance

ICTWAY accounts, human resources and supply chain divisions are based in close proximity to the company operations, in Vigevano, region of Pavia.

  • P.iva : 02771530181
  • Codice Destinatario USAL8PV

Write to us Postal address

  • c/o Studio Marchi
  • via Giovanni Paolo II, 1
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  • Italy